Savour (Python)

A web-based application tool that allows users to copy and paste a recipe URL (currently only from onto the Savour site to generate a grocery shopping list and additional recipes. Uses web scraping and a recipe API.

My contribution on this project was employing “Beautiful Soup” to create a web scraping function for and to generate grocery items from those recipes. I also used Bootstrap to build and design a couple of the pages.

Check out my video walkthrough of this project here.

The Adventures of Mr. Fox (Angular)

A web-based, Pacman-style game with pop-up components and interactive elements. Uses Typescript and Angular on the front-end.

My contribution was creating story pop-up components, fixing bugs in the world environment having to do with character movement and collision, and coding point tracking.

Check out my video walkthrough of this project here.

Starbi (Unity, C#)

A single-player, world explorer game built by a team of four in less than four days.

Our aim was to create a fun, interactive world with a first-person female character. We found a basic world template in the Unity Asset Store, along with a base character, but we had to handle the rest: getting the character to move and interact with objects, adding a sidekick (a free cat asset hand-modified to look like a little fox), moving donuts, running vehicles, audio clips, a self-esteem bar, an end-goal, and more.

I wrote the code for rotating donuts, assisted in building the code for running vehicles and a self-esteem points bar, and modified a Unity-store free cat asset to look like my dog, Mr. Fox. I also created a MVC site to host the game and give players a little more info about the gameplay and characters.

Find Findo: The Bingo Game for Dog Lovers (React)

A simple web-based, bingo game built while learning React. How to play: When you see a dog breed out on the street, click that dog’s tile and when you have five in a row, you win (with confetti!). Board randomly repopulates for each new game, so you can play again and again.

Check out the code on my Github here (video walkthrough coming soon).