About me

Coding feels like a puzzle for my brain every day … and I love it.


I’m a full-stack engineer looking to join a team who loves what they do.

After graduating as an English major and spending several years as a professional copy editor, I decided to put my eye for detail and love for problem-solving to use in a different way. I enrolled as a full-stack software development student at Coding Dojo.

I spent 15 intense weeks learning to be a master builder in Python, MEAN(MongoDb, Express, Angular, Node.Js), and C#. After each stack, I had a week to work with my peers to create something awesome using the language we had just learned (view my projects here).

Coding has become my passion. I now regularly write lines of code in my dreams, attend women in tech events, and nerd out about things like Unity tutorials and how to properly apply TimeSpan in C# DateTime methods.

When I’m not at my computer, you can find me drinking americanos with my husband at our neighborhood coffee shop or walking around the city with our Shiba Inu, Mr. Fox.


Savour (Python)

A web-based application tool that allows users to copy and paste a recipe URL (currently only from Allrecipes.com) onto the Savour site to generate a grocery shopping list and additional recipes. Uses web scraping and a recipe API.

My contribution on this project was employing “Beautiful Soup” to create a web scraping function for AllRecipes.com and to generate grocery items from those recipes. I also used Bootstrap to build and design a couple of the pages.

Check out my video walkthrough of this project here.

The Adventures of Mr. Fox (Angular)

A web-based, Pacman-style game with pop-up components and interactive elements. Uses Typescript and Angular on the front-end.

My contribution was creating story pop-up components, fixing bugs in the world environment having to do with character movement and collision, and coding point tracking.

Check out my video walkthrough of this project here.

Starbi (Unity, C#)

A single-player, world explorer game built by a team of four in less than four days.

Our aim was to create a fun, interactive world with a first-person female character. We found a basic world template in the Unity Asset Store, along with a base character, but we had to handle the rest: getting the character to move and interact with objects, adding a sidekick (a free cat asset hand-modified to look like a little fox), moving donuts, running vehicles, audio clips, a self-esteem bar, an end-goal, and more.

I wrote the code for rotating donuts, assisted in building the code for running vehicles and a self-esteem points bar, and modified a Unity-store free cat asset to look like my dog, Mr. Fox. I also created a MVC site to host the game and give players a little more info about the gameplay and characters.

Find Findo: The Bingo Game for Dog Lovers (React)

A simple web-based, bingo game built while learning React. How to play: When you see a dog breed out on the street, click that dog’s tile and when you have five in a row, you win (with confetti!). Board randomly repopulates for each new game, so you can play again and again.

Check out the code on my Github here (video walkthrough coming soon).


Let’s connect!

Find me on LinkedIn or send me an email at lynneasmoyer@gmail.com.